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Extra Help, MLSA - Extra Help Moving

Customers - To request a service order and secure the best rates from top-rated moving companies, movers, delivery services, and moving labor services across the United States, simply click on the links provided below. Please note that full-service movers come equipped with trucks while moving helpers solely provide labor services. Essentially, moving helpers are the muscle behind the move. *Moving services:  Full-Service Movers | Moving Helpers

Professional Movers - To gain free access to the Nationwide Movers Job Board, you must activate a Display Ad Listing on the Nationwide Business Directory. Once you have done so, you will receive a text message notification whenever a customer within 35 miles of your office location places a service order request. You can then login and view the SOR locally and or nationwide. Contact the customer and provide them with a competitive moving quote. Nationwide Mover Job Board.

Pickup, Delivery, And Assembly Routes - We offer daily last-mile pickup, delivery, and assembly routes 6 to 7 days per week which are local within a 30 to 50-mile radius. The payouts shown below are based on one 26-foot box truck. To qualify for the contracted pickup, delivery, and assembly routes listed below, you will need to provide the necessary licenses, insurance, and documents. The first payment will be made on the 3rd week, and weekly payments will follow thereafter. You must have an active Display Ad on the Nationwide Business Directory, and complete and sign the "Background Consent Form" and the "Independent Contractors Agreement", and email them to: [email protected]

Appl=Appliance   Del=Delivery   Inst=Install   Furn-Furniture   ExE=Exercise Equipment

  1. $700-$800 per/day/per/trk/Boise, ID/Mon-Sat/Appl, Del, Inst/2-26ft Trks
  2. $700-$800 per/day/per/trk/Harrisburg, PA/7 days -Appl, Del, tInst/5-26ft Trks
  3. $625-$725 per/day/per/trk/Woburn, MA/7 days -Appl, Del, Inst/10-26ft Trks
  4. $625-$725 per/day/per/trk/Franklin, MA/Mon-Sat/Furn, Del, Inst/10-26ft Trks
  5. $700-$800 per/day/per/trk/San Antonio, TX/Mon-Sat/Appl, Del, Inst/5-26ft Trks
  6. $625-$725 per/day/per/trk/Presque Isle/Portland, ME/7 days/Appl, Del, Inst/10-26ft Trks
  7. $650-$800 per/day/per/trk/Omaha, NE/Mon-Sat/Appl, Furn, Exer Equip, Del, Inst/2-26ft Trks
  8. $650-$800 per/day/per/trk/Cleveland, OH/Mon-Sat/Appl, Furn, ExE, Del, Inst/2- 26ft Trks
  9. $650-$800 per/day/per/trk/Des Moines, IA/Mon-Sat/Appl, Furn, ExE, Del, Inst/3-26ft Trks

You will need to have these basic items in place to move forward as one of our moving service providers/carriers.

  1. Check Your -  DOT, MC Number, COI
  2. Form - Independent Contractors Agreement
  3. FormNationwide Background Consent
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Option 1. We List Your Add | Option 2. You List Your Add
If you have any questions, contact
Bruce A Carter,
Nationwide Business Directory
Major Account Executive
(877) 350-7393 x 700


  • Moving Help
  • Moving Labor
  • Load Moving Trucks
  • Unload Moving Trucks
  • Load And Unload Trucks
  • Full Service Moves
  • Long Distance Moves
  • Onsite Relocations
  • Piano Movers
  • Disassemble & Reassemble Beds
  • Disconnect And Reconnect Appliances
  • Boxes & Packing Supplies
  • Packing Services
  • Delivery Services
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Decor Furniture Staging
  • Online Presents For 29 Years
  • Administration Control Panel
  • Unlimited Service Provider Database
  • Unlimited Customer Database
  • Service Order/Moving Quote System
  • Nationwide Movers Job Board
  • Text Alert Notification Dispatching
  • Gateway Landing Page Genie
  • Make Millions Of Zip Code Pages
  • Save Money Adverting & Marketing

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